In person guidelines

(Updated August, 2021)
As we share our in person guidelines, we first want to fully recognize that there is no “right” or perfect way to navigate this. This season has been challenging to say the least, and we know that as we make decisions we do not have all of the answers and there are countless options on how to offer in-person services. Our hope is to clearly communicate that plan and then trust you to make the best decision about attending in-person services for you and your family.

We appreciate your grace, understanding and prayer during this season.


New Service Times

Masks are optional. With the vaccine readily available and the mask mandate lifted in our city, we feel that it is safe to follow suit. We completely understand and truly respect if you feel more comfortable continuing to wear a mask and we encourage you to do what you feel is best for you and your family.
New service times during this season will be 9:15am and 11:15am. Moving the 11:00 service to 11:15 will give us extra time to clean and transition services in the most socially distanced way possible. 

Family Ministry Environments

Cleanliness Procedures

We will be offering Waumba Land (babies-preK) and Upstreet (K-5th grade) at both the 9:15am and 11:15am services. Our middle school and high school students will be meeting together in “The Attic” (upstairs) during the 11:15am service. If any of our Family Ministry volunteers are exposed to Covid or have any Covid symptoms they will not serve.
Hand sanitizing stations will be positioned in the common areas. Surfaces will be wiped down in between services. Family ministry environments will take thorough measures to clean rooms, toys, and surfaces in between services.

Extra Precautions

In order to prevent the spread of germs we will not be giving out handouts in the auditorium and we will not be passing offering buckets. (There will be a giving box at the back of the auditorium, and online giving will continue to be an option.)

Contact Tracing

Due to the complications of contact tracing we will not be able to fully contact trace Covid exposure in our building. We will do our best to let you know of possible exposure; specifically within our volunteer and family ministry environments. 

As we continue to navigate this season...

With these guidelines in place, we will do our best to responsibly respond to the realities of this pandemic while continuing to provide an opportunity for us to gather in person as a church. If you do not feel comfortable attending our in person services under these guidelines we trust your decision to engage in an online service. We do ask that if you have had a fever, Covid symptoms, are feeling ill, or have been directly exposed to someone who has these symptoms, please refrain from attending our in person service.

Again, we thank you for bearing with us as we journey through this uncertain season. We are excited and grateful that, even though things look different, we have the opportunity to be the church during this season. Let’s continue to be the church. Let’s continue to love and respect those around us. Let’s continue to point to a hope that is greater than anything we are walking through. God is still in control, He can still be trusted and we can put our eyes on Him instead of on all the chaos around us.