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Andy Stanley

About Andy Stanley

A communicator, author of now over 20 books, and pastor, Andy Stanley founded Atlanta-based North Point Ministries in 1995, after recognizing that most churches were good at serving those that had grown up inside a local church, but were missing the mark at spreading the message of Jesus to those that were outside the church community.

Andy felt that if the local church wasn’t a place that unchurched people would feel welcome to examine and discover Jesus’s love for them, then the church itself was prohibiting the spreading of God’s message of hope and love to the world.

So, in 1995, after serving for several years as Associate Pastor and Minister to Students at First Baptist Church Atlanta, Andy and 5 others launched North Point Community Church, a church that the unchurched would want to attend, and with a mission of leading people to a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fast-forward to today, and Andy is recognized as one of the top 10 most influential christian leaders in America, while over 90,000 people worldwide consider Andy to be their weekly teaching pastor, just like here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, at Rock Point Church.

More about Andy, including his books and other resources, can be found at AndyStanley.com.

History of North Point Ministries

In November 1995, a group of people got together in the Atlanta area to talk about a different kind of church. In that meeting, Andy Stanley cast a vision for what is now North Point Community Church. What made Andy’s vision for North Point uniquely different than other churches at the time, was that the focus would be put on those outside the church, making North Point a place that the “unchurched” would love to attend. In that meeting, he said, “Atlanta does not need another church. What Atlanta does need is a safe environment where the unchurched can come and hear the life-changing truth that Jesus Christ cares for them and died for their sins.”

Out of that vision, North Point launched and quickly grew from a small group of believers, to a location in Alpharetta, GA, a small town just north of Atlanta. At the first Sunday at their new location, over 2000 adults attended two morning services. Three months later, over 3,000 were attending. And by the end of that first year, North Point was averaging over 4,000 in attendance every Sunday. As it turned out, God was moving through North Point. With Andy’s vision, his unique gift of teaching and leadership, and an environment that encouraged and enabled believers to invite their unchurched friends, the church was growing exponentially.

In 2001, instead of building a new, larger auditorium to accommodate the growing church, leadership decided to build a second auditorium directly behind the existing one. This was faster, kept costs down, and whether they knew it or not, set the stage for what soon became their multi-site strategy, as Andy would speak live in one auditorium,  while the 2nd auditorium would watch a video feed on several large projection screens.

Over the next few years, Andy would help lead North Point Ministries to launch 6 locations around the Atlanta area, including a network of over 50 North Point Partnership churches around the globe, like Rock Point, located here in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Collectively, over 90,000 people are in attendance weekly at all of those churches affiliated with North Point Ministries...something Andy never could have predicted back in 1995, when he cast the vision for North Point that still holds true today.