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Frequently Asked Questions - UpStreet

What happens in UpStreet?

Every Sunday we plan a full hour of fun for your child! It includes an engaging large group gathering followed by a more personal small group time. We want UpStreet to be the best part of your child’s week!

What is small group?

Your child will be placed in a small group with caring leaders and other kids their age. The small group time allows children to build quality friendships and discuss how that week’s Bible lesson applies to their life.

What is large group?

Large Group is a fun and engaging time where children come together for games, singing, and teaching from the Bible. It’s a lot of fun and something your child won’t want to miss!

How do I register my child?

When you arrive, a team of helpful volunteers will greet you at our check in desk in the Waumba Land hallway downstairs. If it's your first time, a volunteer will help you register your child and guide you to the proper room and introduce you to the check-in process.

How can I be sure my child is safe?

Your child will receive a special numbered name tag that matches a corresponding parent tag. Your parent tag will allow you access to the UpStreet hallway and is matched with your child’s name tag to ensure safety. You don’t have to wear them, just keep them close and available!

What if you need to contact me during the service?

If we need to contact you for any reason, we will first try texting the parent(s) on file. If we receive no response from the text we will display “UpStreet” and your parent security number on the auditorium screens.

What about allergies or special needs?

Please notify us of ANY and ALL allergies, medical and/or behavioral special needs on the space provided on the guest registration form. Allergies will be placed on your child’s printed name tag, but please also notify the small group leader. For children with medical or behavioral specials needs, we pair them with a “buddy” who will be their personal guide to help them have a successful hour. If your child might be in need of a “buddy” please email us at least a week in advance so we can best accommodate their needs.

How can I serve in UpStreet?

We are always looking for fun-loving, enthusiastic leaders to join our UpStreet volunteer team. If you are interested in receiving more information about serving, please contact our UpStreet Director at [email protected]

What about baptism for UpStreet students?

That’s awesome! We’re so excited for you. We have a special event called the “Baptism Bash” just for your elementary age child. For more information, please email [email protected].