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We Love Chattanooga

We love to wear the shirts, put the stickers on our cars, and experience all that this city has to offer.
But what would happen if we showed our love for Chattanooga by the way we treated people? 

Imagine the impact we could have on our city if we Love Chattanooga one person at a time.
That means showing up to serve, meeting people right where they are, giving, inviting someone to dinner, connecting on a personal level.
We want to point people to real help and real hope. We want to point people to Jesus.

That is what #LoveChattanooga means to us.
Connecting. Serving. Giving.

Community Partners

A big part of Love Chattanooga is our community partners. We partner long-term with organizations and ministries in our city who make a difference in our local community, reaching people we don’t know how to or wouldn’t be equipped to like they are. We come alongside them to support and encourage, love and equip, meet tangible needs, serve hands on, and partner financially and relationally.  

For more information about our partners and how you can get involved, email our Connections Director: [email protected]

2022 Long-Term Partners


Adult & Teen Challenge MidSouth (ATCM) is a faith-based, residential recovery program for men and women, 18-50, struggling in addiction and other life debilitating issues. Throughout the program, they address their students' physical health, relationship with man and God, and emotional well-being. 

Blue Monarch

Blue Monarch provides a long-term, residential and therapeutic Christian community for women and their children to break adverse cycles and rebuild their families. They offer each woman a one to two-year residential program specifically designed to fit her individual needs and help her further her education, break her addictions, become a better mother, obtain a job and gain independence.

Hardy Elementary

Hardy Elementary is a Title I school and a part of the Opportunity Zone Learning Community. They have approximately 500 students, Pre-K through 5th grade, along with 75 faculty and staff members, who are committed to empowering students to be learners and leaders.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Chattanooga serves thousands each year through an array of social services that range from providing food for the hungry, relief for disaster victims, assistance for the disabled, outreach to the elderly and ill, clothing and shelter to the homeless and opportunities for underprivileged children.

How We Partner

Meet Tangible Needs

Hands On Service

Financial Giving

The Boards in the entryway are covered in cards that represent specific needs in our community. Each Sunday, there is opportunity to take a card and meet a tangible need. One card at a time, one person at a time, we  can love Chattanooga.
We serve hands on with our partners.  From cleaning and organizing their facilities, preparing hygiene kits, delivering meals to our homeless communities, to running games at field day,  we partner relationally and show up to serve however we are needed.
Every month a percentage of all giving church wide is poured directly back into local non-profits and organizations to support our community.  This allows us to say yes to big and small needs that we are made aware of throughout the year.

#LoveChattanooga Impacts

We love sharing and celebrating the stories of what is made possible through #LoveChattanooga. We do this not only to celebrate all God is doing throughout our city, but to also express our gratitude to every single person that has helped us love those most in need in our community.

For a full list of our month to month impacts, CLICK HERE.

July 2022

Blue Monarch
  • Blue Monarch just opened their brand new 8 family farmhouse, allowing more families to enter the program. In order to support the upcoming growth, they needed a new-to-them van for transportation. We were able to donate the remaining amount of $3500 to help them get the transportation needed. 
  • Through the Boards, we donated several needed items to Blue Monarch for their kids craft corner such as colored pencils, construction paper, organization baskets, beads, paints, crayons, etc. The guided craft time is an important time at Blue Monarch because it is often a bonding time between the mothers and their children. 

Hardy Elementary
  • We purchased 2 new classrooms rugs for two new teachers coming on staff at Hardy this August. These classroom rugs are several hundred dollars and are usually an expense the teachers have to cover out of pocket, so this is a huge blessing and a great welcome gift to these new teachers!
  • As Hardy closed out summer school in July, we helped them celebrate by providing a pizza party for the students and Crumbl cookies for the teachers and staff. We also had a serve day to help move all the furniture in the summer school classrooms so the custodial staff could wax the floors in preparation for the students this fall. 
  • Every classroom at Hardy has a "Peace Corner". A peace corner is a trauma-informed designated area in every classroom with a safe and calming environment to give students time and space to process strong emotions. Teachers find that after 5-10 minutes in the peace corner, students are more focused and available for learning. While they are there, students have the chance to write, color, play with fidget spinners or stress balls and just process. We were able to purchase all of the needed items, such calming coloring books, play-dough, and sensory, anxiety alleviating games and toys for all the classrooms heading into this new school year.

Adult & Teen Challenge
  • We donated several needed items requested by the counselors at ATCM for their students, including new bibles, headphones and CD players, a new TV for the women's living room area and paper and pencils for their classes. Their students love to listen to worship music and sermons, and for students who don’t read quite as well, the CD players allow them to enjoy books on CD during their reading time.
  • We provided a catered dinner from Chuy's to the students and staff to give the kitchen staff a much needed break in July. The kitchen staff provides 3 meals a day, every day to the students and were grateful for the night off. 
  • We donated several campfire skewers and s'mores kits for the students to enjoy during their summer bon fire nights. 

The Salvation Army
  • We donated over $2300 of food items to help restock the food pantries at the Salvation Army locations downtown. Food has become an increased need across our community partners. This food will be distributed to families experience poverty as well as our homeless community. 
  • We donated hundreds of items to the SA's Hair Care Ministry, including shampoo and conditioner sets, hair gel and oil, hair brushes and hair accessories. These items will be given to young girls in need that visit the East Lake Community Center. This initiative aims to help young girls gain confidence by learning how to take care of their hair and what to use on it.

Hope for the Inner City
  • Each week, Hope for the Inner City distributes food Tuesday through Thursday to residents in the East Chattanooga community in need. We donated over $500 worth of card board boxes, reusable grocery bags and non-perishable snacks items to help meet some of their current needs to continue distributing food in our area.