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We have been partnering with local organizations to love and serve Chattanooga over the last several years. If you would like to find out more about our partnerships and how you can get involved, please email [email protected].

May 2024

  • We were able to provide diplomas, certificates and goody bags along with a few decor items to celebrate the Hardy students graduating 5th grade this year! We wanted them to feel honored, special and celebrated, and you helped to provide those things. (Photos to come - check with Katie Hamby)
  • Hardy Field Day is an annual end-of-the-year celebration for the staff and students where they get to play in water slides, get their faces painted, play games and generally be excited to be part of school. Not only were we able to fund the water slide this year, but we had over 60 volunteers sign up to help with the booths and just loving on the kids!

  • We received so many donations in May that we were running out of space to put it. What a great problem to have! We had hundreds of clothing & hygiene items for Chatt Foundation, cleaning products for Hardy Elementary as they get ready for the new school year, and baby clothes and diapers to support what God is doing at Blue Monarch. All of this is possible because of the generosity of our Rockpoint Family (YOU!).

April 2024

  • We are helping the school out by funding prizes for the students during their annual TCAP testing days; kids are able to earn small prizes and snacks, and these incentives are always a huge benefit for the teachers to keep kids excited about learning. 
  • We were excited to host both Adult & Teen Challenge and Blue Monarch at our Sunday service in April! Each group was able to share a little about their organizations and Blue Monarch handed out Granola to the congregation.
  • Hardy Elementary teachers were celebrated during their Professional Development Day on April 1st with a Chick-Fil-A breakfast to start the day off well.

  • The church was able to meet our friends from Adult Teen Challenge and Blue Monarch on Sunday April 6th to learn more about their programs and find out how Rockpoint partners with these amazing community organizations!
  • After service, we handed out Blue Monarch granola bags for all attendees. Their granola is hand baked by women recovering from abuse and addiction. The residents of Blue Monarch are employed by Out of the Blue, a Blue Monarch company, where they learn superior work ethics, establish positive work history, and begin providing for their families. Every bag comes with a picture and the special story of the courageous woman who baked it.⁠ The proceeds go to support the women and children at Blue Monarch. 

  • Tons of items were donated through the boards during the month of April. Hundreds of clothing items, hygiene items and essential survival items (like tarps, sunscreen, and ponchos) were donated for the CHATT foundation to serve our homeless community. 
  • Several baby items including baby cloths, car seats, bottles, a portable crib and diapers were donated to First Things First to be given to families in need as they help transition families to sustainable housing from the Maclellan Shelter For Families.
  • Tons of snacks were donated to Hardy Elementary to help with classroom needs and snacks needs during end of year testing. These are a huge help because normally teachers have to pay out of pocket for these.

March 2024

  • We were able to make sure each class in grades 2 - 5 can have field trips for the kids at Hardy this Spring! They will be visiting the Creative Discovery Museum, the Chattanooga Zoo, Hidden Hills Farms, Reflection Riding and Ooltewah High School! Many of these kids would not have the opportunity to experience some of these venues outside of these school trips, and we are so grateful for your generosity to help them get to be part of this.
  • Another opportunity we were able to help with is providing healthy snacks for each classroom. Students at Hardy often do not have access to healthy food options outside of what the school provides, or do not have funds to purchase these ‘extras’ we take for granted. It’s a practical way to address hunger, health, and keeping kids focused during the school day.

February 2024

  • We delivered Crumbl cookies on Valentine’s Day to the students and staff at ATCM. Often times, holidays can pass by the students in the program, and a simple gift or treat can go a long way to help them feel seen and connected to the world around them
  • We were able to sponsor the purchase of branded shirts for all the staff - this small change makes such a difference in how staff are seen by the community, the residents and themselves as it elevates the professionalism of the work they do.

  • We provided $2,500 for the first quarter of this year to fund the Carmen Simmons Reunification Program which makes custody meetings, child visitations, and legal proceedings for the moms at Blue Monarch possible. As the number of families they are serving increases, the costs for doing this have risen quite high, so it is a huge blessing to them that we can help out in this way,
  • From B/M: “Blue Monarch’s mission is to break adverse cycles and rebuild families. For the last 21 years we have been fighting to restore families because both the child and mother heal better when they are together. The children we serve have taught us -- it doesn’t matter how beautiful of a life you give a child, it never seems truly beautiful to the child without their Mom. Many mothers come from such adverse circumstances that once custody is lost they really have no hope of restoring that relationship because the hurdles and obstacles they must overcome feel insurmountable. Blue Monarch’s Carmen Simmons Reunification Program helps a healthy, sober mom maneuver through that extremely difficult, seemingly impossible process of family restoration. We walk hand in hand with the moms to help them communicate with attorneys, navigate complex court situations, and meet all requirements of child protective agencies. We ensure phone calls, video calls, and in-person visits regardless of time, distance, or other significant difficulties. It is an honor to have walked alongside 354 children who have been reunited with a healthy, sober, and loving mother. We are incredibly grateful for the support of RockPoint and Love Chattanooga! You have been instrumental in the lives of 59 of those children who were reunited with their mothers because of your faithful love and support of our ministry and this life-changing program.”
  • To celebrate the staff members at Blue Monarch this Valentine’s Day, a couple volunteers put together some care gifts filled with self-care items like lotion, chocolates, nail polish, gift cards and a few other treats. Care for staff members at our community partners is a huge part of our heart as we partner with organizations. We hear again and again from partners how care for their staff directly impacts the people they serve, extending encouragement, energy and joy to the organizations as a whole.

  • Bridge Classroom is a learning community program providing support to elementary students who have repeatedly violated school rules and exhibit medium to severe behaviors and are learning methods for successful self-regulation to help re-integrate into traditional schools. We have supported the program through sponsoring food for instructors training sessions, and most recently to help fill an overlooked need within the classrooms themselves - food insecurity. The kids in these 8 classrooms have a lot of things contributing to inappropriate behavior, and one of these is not having access to healthy food. Bridge tries to help by providing snacks during the day that can offset blood sugar irregularities from poor nutrition and thereby maintain better self-regulation and emotions. We were able to meet the need to provide healthy snack options for the program. 

  • Many of the people they serve lack even the most basic needs of socks - they give out over 100 pairs a day on average. Meeting the need for that as well as other things like soap, shampoo, shaving kits, and winter clothes has made it possible for the Foundation to continue to meet the basic needs of those who are desperately seeking help.

  • Hardy is very excited to add a School Counselor to their team! It is critical to the experience to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for the kids to open up and feel safe. We are grateful to have been able to help by purchasing a large area rug for them to use in the room..
  • Funding to Hardy Elementary helped to provide a unique experience for the Pre K and Kindergarten students this month! Members of the Chattanooga Theatre company did a fun and creative presentation for the kids, exposing them to behind the scenes fun and joy of live theatre! The younger kids  at Hardy rarely get to go on any field trips due to higher staffing needs and lack of parental chaperones, so having the field trip come to them was so exciting, especially to teach them about the arts.

January 2024

  • An unexpected increase in available housing (YAY!) allowed more families than usual to move out of the Maclellan House transitional program into permanent housing for several families. We were able to meet the needs by filling 15 more Welcome Baskets of household items for these families!
  • Last year we provided funding for several parents of First Things First programs to attend counseling sessions to help stop generational family dysfunction and teach positive parenting skills, and we are so excited that because of your generosity, we can continue to provide financial support for the counseling to continue in 2024.

  • We provided a Chick-Fil-A staff appreciation breakfast on the last Friday in January to celebrate the 75 hard working staff and faculty at Hardy.

  • The church continues to pour into CHATT Foundation and all they are doing to help the homeless in our community, from offering daily meals to providing basic clothing needs, to providing funding for counseling services for families transitioning to permanent housing. We celebrate all the work CHATT Foundation does, and their recent opening of the newly renovated Community Kitchen. They recently provided tours to those interested in learning more about their mission and possible volunteer opportunities.

  • We were able to provide needed tangible items like hygiene items, car seats, diapers, books, vitamins, and other supplies as well as some toys needed for the children at Blue Monarch. 
  • $2,000 was given to help toward funding for a multipurpose building as they expand their services to more families in need

  •  From time to time we have unhoused guests attend our Sunday services who are in need of some extra items to get through a rough time. We have assembled a dozen backpacks filled with hygiene items, an umbrella, raincoat, warm socks, and a VISA gift card to use toward overnight housing or food purchases. We also provide a resource sheet for those facing homelessness to find additional help.