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We have been partnering with local organizations to love and serve Chattanooga over the last several years. If you would like to find out more about what we have done or how you can get involved, please email our Connections Director at [email protected]!

August 2023

First Things First
  • As FTF expands their work to help families transition to permanent housing, we were able to fund purchases of “Welcome Home Kits” with basic home supplies like mops, paper towels, toilet paper, towels and cleaning supplies. Most of these families come into their new homes with little to nothing. Having basic tangible home items like these are incredibly helpful. 
  • FTF is launching a new program E.P.I.C., soon. E.P.I.C - Empowered Parents In Community - is a weekly class for parents to help them develop community and grow in their parenting skills. We are able to provide funds ($4,000) for them to offer a free dinner at these weekly meetings for the parents for the year.

  • MetMin seeks to stop homelessness before it starts and provides recovery services for those who’ve already fallen into homelessness. We donated over $1200 worth of items to help them serve our homeless community in need. These items included things like: tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, water bottles, ponchos and bike helmets. 

Hardy Elementary
  • As Hardy kicked off the school year, they expressed the need for new school uniforms, undergarments and shoes for students in need. We were able to provide $1000 to help teachers and administration purchase needed clothing items throughout the school year for their students.  
  • We purchased two new teacher rugs to welcome a new PreK teacher and 5th grade teacher to Hardy. Teacher rugs are a huge help as they are usually not provided by the school and teachers have to cover the cost. It makes for a great welcome gift! 
  • We funded the “Happy Cart” for the teachers and staff. This is a fun cart that the administration takes around to the staff on Fridays for them to enjoy and snack, sweet treat or drink of their choice.

July 2023

  • We donated $1000 to the women's house as they were in desperate need of feminine products, hygiene items (shampoo/conditioner, body wash, deodorant), and hair accessories. The women we so excited on the delivery day and felt so seen and loved to have these needs met! 
  • Two administration laptops were needed for the day-to-day operations at ATCM to function smoothly. We purchased the two laptops (totaling $1800) to help meet this need. 

The CHATT Foundation 
  • We donated $1900 worth of items to help our homeless community and families that are transitioning from homelessness to housing. The homeless help items included socks, underwear, undergarments, sandwich baggies for meals, laundry pods, towels and hygiene items.
  • For the families transitioning to housing, the CHATT Foundation provides them with a "Welcome Home" basket filled with items the families do not have. These items include things like a laundry basket, laundry pods, towels/washcloths, shower curtains, bed sheets, dishes, silverware and a set of pots and pans. 

Blue Monarch 
  • We donated $1000 to help cover the cost of upcoming Blue Monarch graduate dinners. These dinners currently happen once and month and graduates are encouraged to come back for a time of fellowship and community to encourage positive relationships, support and a continued relationship with Jesus after the moms reenter society. 
  • As we approach the beginning of the school year, Blue Monarch has 13 children in need of school clothing and shoes. We donated $1500 to help cover the cost of new clothing and shoes for the children to have as they head to school in the fall.
  • We donated $1250 to help cover the cost of school supply needs at Blue Monarch prepares the many children onsite for the fall. This will help to cover needs like basic school supplies, backpacks and books. 

June 2023

First Things First
  • We were able to partner with First Things First to sponsor the Dad Making A Difference Lookouts game. We helped purchase tickets for over 100 dads and their children to attend the game and have a great evening of connecting and watching baseball. It was a blast! (DMD is transformative 13-week program for Dads. Throughout this program, dads join a small group of men weekly for sessions that offer guidance in navigating the child support and legal systems, getting (and keeping!) a good steady job, parenting and relationship education, and more.)

Hardy Elementary
  • We delivered Crumbl Cookies for all of the summer school staff and students. 
  • Hundreds of boards items were delivered to help with summer school needs including school supplies, snacks and Walmart and Food City gift cards.
  • We purchased three new teacher rugs to welcome the new kindergarten teachers on staff. Teacher rugs are a huge help as they are usually not provided by the school and teachers have to cove the cost. It makes for a great welcome gift! 
The CHATT Foundation
  • We donated over $1600 worth of items to help our homeless community at the CHATT foundation day center. These items included things like laundry pods, underwear and socks, food items, hygiene items, tarps, sunscreen and towels. 
  • We had the BEST time at our #LoveChattanooga connection night with Adult & Teen Challenge! We shared a meal (we provided Pizza Bros pizza), shared stories, laughed, played yard games, played with baby chicks and most importantly connected about how the gospel is changing all our lives. It was such a wonderful time of community and fellowship together. 
Blue Monarch
  • We donated $1500 to help sponsor some of Blue Monarch's summer events. This helps to cover the cost of food, transportation and supplies (swimsuits, towels, sunscreen) for the women and children Blue Monarch serve. 
  • We donated $500 to help cover the cost of the "Summer Staycation" supplies for arts and crafts time for the children. This included a variety of craft items and paints for the kids and their moms to enjoy for summer craft classes on campus.

May 2023

Hardy Elementary -
  • Over $5000 was donated towards teacher appreciation week to love on the teachers and staff as they concluded the school year. It helped to cover 2 catered lunches, Crumbl cookies, a breakfast bar, a trail mix bar and gift bag for all 90 of the staff including some treats and an Amazon gift card. 
  • We have over 25 volunteers join us for the 2023 Hardy Field Day! Our volunteers helped to lead the field games and connect with the kids. We had such a blast! Thank you to all the awesome volunteers that served to help make this possible. We love Hardy! 

Blue Monarch -
  • The small, but mighty staff of 13 at Blue Monarch works tirelessly to love and serve the women and children that come to them. Many days are exhausting, so to help encourage and come alongside them in this season we donated $1500 towards staff appreciation which allowed their staff to enjoy a much needed lunch out together. It also provided individual gifts for them including some self-care items (candles, face masks, eye masks), a VISA gift card and a hand-made card with an encouraging message from one of our amazing volunteers, Trish. 
  • For Mother's Day we helped sponsor an outing for the moms. They were able to get their hair done at a hair salon and go out to lunch together. They also received a hand written card with an encouraging message as they continue their journey towards healing and transformation. 
  • Several items were donated through the boards to help with supplies needed for the program including cleaning supplies, diapers and wipes, medicine, feminine products and laundry detergent. 

Project Thank You -
  • Project Thank You is an annual community wide opportunity to show appreciation to the officers of the Chattanooga Police Department. Each year, Project Thank You helps to organize churches, businesses and individuals across our city to provide personalized gift bags for over 450 sworn officers of the CPD. The bags are filled with needed supplies, gift cards, snacks, and hand written notes addressed specifically to each officer. Morale for police officers in our community has been incredibly low. Many have retired or quit to pursue other career paths in the last two years. Through #LoveChattanooga we were able to donate of $2000 for these bags and partner with our community to offer some small encouragement to the many compassionate and dedicated men and women of the CPD who are so often overlooked and underserved.

April 2023

CHATT Foundation
  • Over $1000 was donated to help purchase hundreds of items for our homeless community. Items included ponchos and umbrellas for the rainy season, hygiene items, towels for the day center shower services, and laundry detergent.

The Salvation Army 
  • Board items were donated to the Salvation Army to help fill the shelves of their Blessing Closet. Items included clothing, undergarments, canned goods and various hygiene items. The Blessing Closet provides resources like these to families and individuals in need to come a "shop" once a week at no cost.

  • As part of their entry gift into the ATCM program, students are given a reusable water bottle. We helped to provide 200 custom water bottles to restock these as new students enter the program.

Hardy Elementary 
  • We donated a new farm table and chairs for the Hardy community center to serve students and their families. This multi-purpose room is an area for students to receive tutoring, for families in need to do laundry.
  • We donated all of the needed items on the Summer School Wish List, including classroom supplies for teachers and students, breakfast bars and snacks, decor and student incentives.

Blue Monarch
  • Every month, Blue Monarch covers lots of expenses to keep their facilities running. They asked us to help cover a gas bill so additional resources could go towards their residents. We donated $1500 to help cover the cost of this bill.

March 2023

Blue Monarch - 
  • $10,000 was donated to go towards several  ongoing needs for 2023, specifically with childcare needs, staff training and certification in trauma therapy, and the reunification fund. The reunification funds helps to provide immediate assistance with moms being able to be reunited with their children that have been placed in state care. This helps cover costs of hotel, gas, food and court fees. 

Adult & Teen Challenge - 
  • Through the boards hundreds of tangible items like such as clothing for men and women, slippers, hats and scarves, and hygiene items were donated to give to students when they enter the program to provide a warm welcome when they arrive.
  • $10,000 was donated to go towards a major need to help repair roof damage in their dining hall.

Hardy Elementary - 
  • We provided a CFA breakfast for the teachers and staff to boost morale on a Friday after a long week. 
  • Board items were brought back to help meet the needs for classrooms.
  • $2000 was donated to sponsor field trips for 2nd-5th grade students. 

CHATT Foundation - 
  • Over $3300 was donated to  provide tangible items to the CHATT Foundation which provides homeless assistance- they offer 3 meals a day, a day center for shelter and showers, clothing vouchers and case management to help those experiences chronic homelessness. Items donated include food & supplies for their kitchen, clothing for the thrift store, hygiene items for showers, emergency blankets and ponchos, and reentry household items (Like pot & pans, shower curtains, bedding) for families they receive housing and need household items. 

February 2023

The Salvation Army - 
  • $5000 was donated to go towards the Mardi Brad and Bacon & Boxers events. Mardi Bra serves women experiencing homelessness and Bacon and Boxers serves men experiencing homelessness. These events provide a meal, a time of connection, and free undergarments and hygiene items for the guests to take with them.

Hardy Elementary
  • We provided a Valentine’s Day breakfast from Chick-Fil-A for staff and teacher appreciation.
  • We donated all the needed items for the Spelling Bee Competition  including decor, award ribbons and snacks. 

Adult & Teen Challenge
  • We delivered Crumbl cookies on Valentine’s Day to the students and staff at ATCM. Often times, holidays can pass by the students in the program, and a simple gift or treat can go a long way to help them feel seen and connected to the world around them.
  • We were able to donate over $2000 worth of needed items for the ATCM student and counselor wish list. This included items like shower shoes and hygiene items, yard games for the students to enjoy during their free time, closet organizers, shower caddies, gardening supplies, etc.

Isaiah 117 House 
  • $2000 given to Isaiah 117 House to help get their wish list items for household items as they prepare to launch this summer. Isaiah 117 Houses serve to provide a warm, comforting environment for children entering state care. Items donated included toys, cleaning items, snacks, bedding, towels, & various household items.
  • We delivered Crumbl cookies to the DCS (Department of Children’s Services) Chattanooga office on Feb. 17th for DCS worker appreciation day. These individuals work hard to help love and serve foster children in the Chattanooga area.

January 2023

First Things First - 
  • $5000 was donated to the counseling resource fund at First Things First. This amount will allow 6 individuals or couples to go through 8 sessions of counseling together assessed by FTF. 

Blue Monarch -
  • We were able to provide needed tangible items like hygiene items, car seats, diapers, books, vitamins, and other supplies needed for the children at Blue Monarch. 
  • $1000 was given to help their staff members have updated versions of microsoft office to better do their jobs. 

  • Several needed tangible items were donated through the boards such as clothing for men and women, slippers, hats and scarves, and hygiene items. These items are given to students when they enter the program. Many of those coming from homeless or prison have nothing more than the clothes on their back, and these items help to provide a warm welcome when they arrive. 

Hardy Elementary -
  • We provided all of the snacks needed for testing in the month of February. 
  • We purchases several items needed from teachers wishlists as the school year began again. 

Over $10,000 was given in the month of January to go towards individual needs that we were made aware of through the church or our partners. We assess these needs very carefully and prayerfully. This has helped several families meet deadlines for rent when they were facing eviction, utility bill help, basic needs for food and shelter, as well as some transportation needs through Carta Bus passes.